Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine

A step-by-step journey from amateur to Chef & Sommelier

Drinks: Wine | Beer | Spirits | Brewed | Non-alcoholic
Tasting | History | Production | Food Pairing | Service | Regions
Chef: Knife Skills | Sauces | Baking | Pastry | Plate Development | Meat
Global & Regional Cuisines | Gastronomy | Seafood | Garde Manger

Wine and Dine
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Le Creuset
Williams Sonoma
Rebilding Excellence Riedel
Rebilding Excellence Wine Enthusiast
Beringer Rebilding Excellence
Rebilder Sommelier
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Daily Episodes wine and Dine

Rebilding Excellence Wine and Dine

Daily Episodes and Challenges

Each daily episode is led by a top expert, focuses on one specific skill or idea, and ends with a small daily challenge for you to complete on your journey to mastery


Visit the Experts

Free Learning Materials | $250k in Giveaways | Badges and Achievement Points

After each episode you'll have the opportunity to join local experts to get the experiences, tools, an training you need to reach expertise (or just have fun!)

Wine and Dine Competition

Monthly Competitions and Events

Each month we'll host local cook-offs and tasting events to put all your knowledge and skill into action. Compete or just come for the food and drink! Winners advance to regional and national competitions.

Steak Dine

The Journey Starts Summer 2020
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Learn How to Taste

Learn how to recognize wines by their grape type and region; break down dishes by ingredients; pair beverages with complimentary foods; identify the flavor notes in any drink or meal; and taste while cooking for the best possible outcome.

Understand the History and Progression of Food and Drink

Dive into the past to learn traditional skills and the history behind the beverages you're drinking and the dishes you're eating.

Learn about Food and Beverage Production and Quality Standards

Walk through the drink and food production process step-by-step to know exactly what differentiates mediocre from high-quality products. These episodes will explore the farms, distilleries, and facilities that produce the best products mother nature can provide

Master Food and Beverage Service

Serve your guests in the best way to enhance the taste and maximize their experience.

Become an Expert at Baking and Pastry

While baking and the pastry making are often considered the most difficult subset of the culinary arts, we'll walk you step-by-step through classic recipes and traditional methods so that your creations will turn out perfect every time.

Cook Meat and Seafood like a Pro

Become a master of the heat and meat as we cook dozens of different cuts from fish and animals all over the world.

Develop Plates, Dishes, and Beverages from Scratch

With a solid understanding of the the culinary field and lots of tasting practice, we'll finally dive into the art of creating dishes and drinks from scratch.